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EQILENCE translates product data into the best products at the lowest prices and the right delivery terms.

Your employees can order in a way, based on data from all suppliers and our algorithm. This can be done via the S-DAS for more complex products such as laboratory consumables and via the S-SRM for less complex items such as office furniture.

In both cases, you are relieved, because all the product data of the products you wish to purchase is either on EQILENCE's platform or EQILENCE will make sure it gets on its platform.


This product ensures that highly complex products like laboratory products are compared to each other based on your policies. Whether this is because, for example, you want to order sustainably or you need to tender products. The S-DAS ensures legality.

What makes the S-DAS for Laboratory Products unique is that the S-DAS already has 95% of the products you carry on the platform. Up to 200 variables per product are currently recorded. We do this with the same technology as GOOGLE collects data, for example. Our algorithm then allows the different products to be compared with each other in terms of quality, price and terms of delivery.

The S-DAS allows you to specify and select products based on your organization's policy objectives. Your catalog for these products is fully managed by EQILENCE. For you, the S-DAS means unburdening, selecting the best product and saving a lot of valuable time!


Your organization wants an order structure for the entire organization based on which purchasing is user-friendly and you can manage your expenses very well. You then choose the S-SRM.

S-SRM has all the smart functionality of the S-DAS. The data included in the SRM comes directly from the relevant suppliers. Up to 20 variables per product are currently included. The data of all products you purchase is managed by EQILENCE.

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