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When you are subject to tendering, EQILENCE's S-DAS is the solution to truly efficient procurement now and benefit from the competitive edge that tendering should achieve. In 2014, the European Community passed legislation called DAS legislation that radically changes regular procurement.

Procurement of common products through a dynamic purchasing system (hereinafter DAS) offers significant benefits to a contracting authority. A DAS leads to increased competition, better matching of supply and demand, and the chance of getting the best value for money.

You can include all your tendered products in EQILENCE's S-DAS, EVEN if you have not (yet) tendered your homogeneous products through the DAS way.

How does EQILENCE do that?

The architecture of the S-DAS is structured so that everything that is "not", according to "the traditional way" and everything that has been tendered via the "DAS way" is included separately. When you specify and select a particular product, it is processed completely according to the relevant legislation!

Request a demo now and/or ask for the S-DAS whitepaper. This whitepaper is the legal test for setting up the S-DAS.

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