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Welcome bij EQILENCE

EQILENCE offers hospitals and universities a data-driven ordering platform. with this platform, eqilence generates insights into what is available in the market. the algorithm allows you to compare products in quality, price and delivery terms according to your organizational goals.

Below we name:

How many products do you have in detail in your purchasing catalog?

EQILENCE alone has more than 20 million laboratory items, with up to 200 variables listed on the platform, kept current.

Lab consumables

Reach your purchasing goals!

Within the platform, you define your policy objectives, where the algorithm specifies and selects the correct products to order. your employees will consciously order according to the purchasing objectives of your organization!

The catalog management platform is especially for hospitals and universities!

Order in a way.

The platform is very user-friendly and intuitive.

On the platform:

  • specify the product;
  • compare and filter products that meet the specification;
  • select what you need;
  • generate reports at any level.
  • We relieve you of a lot of administration, allowing you to focus even more on your core tasks.

    EQILENCE takes over catalog management, removing a large administrative burden. we automatically classify supplier portfolios by UNSPSC coding, allowing your employees to search uniformly.

    Another big advantage of outsourcing your catalog management is that your colleagues get access to external supplier networks and knowledge.

    If you leave catalog management to EQILENCE, you and your organization can begin the transformation to value-driven purchasing, focused on supplier collaboration.

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    • Wim Duisenbergplantsoen 31, 6221SE, Maastricht , Nederland
    • Fokkerstraat 18, 2811 ER Reeuwijk, Nederland